Social Responsibility


Cushmat is a company built firmly on the foundation of a straightforward idea — we cannot solve today’s problems by sacrificing our future. We all have the ability to make this world a better place. As environmentally-conscious members of society, we understand that it is our duty and obligation to respect and cherish our planet’s limited resources with love and compassion.

For us, that means that for whatever we take from the planet, it is our social responsibility to give back in any other way that we can.

Whether it’s tirelessly continuing to reduce our carbon footprint within our play mat production, committing to continually readdressing and improving our production system when it comes to creating our products, or vowing to only produce products that are safe for our loved ones, we promise to strive to maintain a socially responsible and environmentally-conscious mindset to better serve others.

Global warming is real and it’s here to stay —this isn’t something we address lightly.

As human beings, who are consuming the planet’s limited resources, we recognize that we have an obligation to continually give back to society, the earth, our children, and the futures generations yet to come. We all can make a difference.

That means that everything we plan to take from the earth to help create a safer, smarter, and comfier playmats for our children, we are obligated to give right back to our planet. We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to speak directly to this belief. For every mat we sell, we vow to plant a tree in its place, returning something to the earth that rightfully belongs there. We continue to look for ways to fight deforestation, fire damage, and human error to provide reforestation options for our planet.

We know that it’s not enough to just create smart, and comfortable play mats that both babies and their parents will love. We know that it’s not enough to craft a non-toxic, safe space your baby will spend most of his or her time on. Everything we take from the earth to create a safer, better space for your baby, we have an obligation and a duty to give back.

We’re not just here to remedy a solution for safer time spent on the floor, we’re here to provide a brighter and greener today for our loved ones and for future generations yet to come.