A Non-Toxic, Organic Shopping List for an Expectant Mother

A Non-Toxic, Organic Shopping List for an Expectant Mother

Are you a mom-to-be? Be sure to read our shopping list before purchasing any major baby equipment! Our goal is to give you the latest tips, trends, and advice to help you navigate through the endless options.

#1 A comfortable Non-Toxic Car Seat

At the top of every list is the car seat that will meet the basic criteria. Be sure your car seat has the following features:

  1.   Side-impact protection
  2.   Comfortable
  3.   Has a head cushion
  4.   And is made from non-toxic materials

From the time you check out from the hospital to when you are driving to visit Granny, your little one will be safely housed in the car seat you choose – so be sure to do some research into each of the brands before you buy!


#2 A Stroller with Accessories

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a stroller. One – comfort and longevity. Two – fashion. Yes, that’s right, you can get a comfortable stroller and be fashionable at the same time! After reviewing over 20 different stroller brands, we are standing behind the  Day3 Complete Set. This stroller offers a high bassinet, a comfy car seat carrier, as well as a multitude of other accessories which will ease the transition as your baby grows.


#3 A Non-toxic and Safe Mat

Whether it be pilates or tummy time, a mat that is safe, non-toxic, and super soft is a must for every nursery. As our little ones grow, their world expands and finding a space for tummy time, crawling, and playing is essential. The Cushmat is a great option for both mama and baby. The mats come in a variety of colors and textures and can be utilized by anyone in your home!



#4 A Safe Nursery and Organic Changing Pads

Our baby’s nursery can easily become a safe haven space for our baby, but also for us mamas. The nursery is the perfect way to stay organized. By keeping every diaper, wipe, and additional supplies in the nursery, it can make like easier. The beautiful open shelve changing table is a game changer because the supplies are always at reach. Purchase the Naturepedic Changing Pad that is certified organic and non-toxic by the Global Organic Textile Standard.


#5 Organic Diapering Essentials

All mamas care about their baby’s skin and we do as well. Skin rashes and irritations are no fun for baby or mama and this can be solved! As adults, we try to wear the most comfortable clothing, so it’s only correct that we serve the same quality for our little ones. The top two brands of disposable and safe diapers I recommend is Andy Pandy Diapers and Eco by Naty. They will keep your little one dry and happy during the day, as well as safe and snug at night. Not only are they good for babies’ skin, but these brands also care about the integrity of our environment. Transitioning to cloth diapers can reduce diaper waste in our world and create a more sustainable environment for the future generations.