Fist Time Use and Care Instructions 

Before First Use

  • Remove all packaging and discard away from children
  • Re-roll you play mat in the reverse direction to how it was rolled.
  • Then lay it flat to allow your Cushmat to straighten to its natural formation
  • Wipe clean with baby wipes, a soft cloth or a damp towel

Cleaning & Care Instructions

  • Wipe clean with a damp towel or an all-natural baby-safe cleanser, but please avoid harsh chemicals, vinegar, or hold an idle vacuum over the Cushmat.
  • Avoid all sharp objects, rough and hot materials from coming into contact with your play mat (shoes, heels, heavy vacuuming, hot objects like microwaved cups, plates & heaters).
  • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures that may cause deterioration of the play mat.
  • Cushmat works great for well-behaved pets that don’t chew, scratch, or dig. That being said, Cushmat was not designed to withstand sharp claws or pet teeth, so be cautious if you plan to have your pet on your Cushmat and know that every pet and circumstance is different.
  • Suitable for indoor use. While not advisable for outdoor use, they may be used in undercover area free from sunlight and rain such as the patio. Avoid rough sharp suffices as it could damage the mat.
  • Heavy furniture placed on Cushmat may cause depressions that could become permeant or damage the mat.

What are the Cushmat directions for first time use?
When using Cushmat for the first time, unfurl your mat and place it with the edges facing down toward the floor. Then, leave overnight to ensure it flattens out. As an added tip—try to re-roll the Cushmat to its original rolled state to help it flatten down faster!


What is Cushmat made from?

Cushmat is proudly made from natural, eco-conscious, non-toxic TPU foam that are safe and healthy for your child. Cushmat play mats are made from technological and eco-friendly 15mm foam cut into one large piece that’s hypoallergenic, waterproof, and durable.

Our mats will never include harmful chemicals or toxic products that could harm your little one. We’re proud to offer non-toxic, baby play mats that are:

Heavy Metal Free
BPA Free
Latex Free
Formamide Free
Formaldehyde Free
Fire Retardant Free
TPA, PVC, EVA, and PBDEs Free
Acetophenone Free
Phthalate Free

Who can use the Cushmat?

This is one of the best parts about Cushmat — it’s for the whole family!
As a foam, non-toxic play mat, it’s great for children ranging from newborns to toddlers to children.

As a soft, but durable exercise mat, it’s great for adults, teens, and older kids, and a perfect yoga mat for parents who are on the go but don’t want to sacrifice their health and wellness.

Even better, as a soft, plush, and stylish addition to your décor, it’s a wonderful complement to any modern-day home.

It’s a great solution for older kids and teenagers who want a soft, comfortable place to hang out, play boardgames, watch movies, or play video games.

Your Satisfaction is 100 Percent Guaranteed

Cushmat is a family company, which means we know the value of providing only the highest quality products that you can rely on to be safe, comfortable, and convenient. That being said, we understand that sometimes, life happens. If for some reason you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with your Cushmat experience, we will replace or refund your product within the first 30 days of your original purchasing date.

The mat you wish to return must be unused with its original packaging. We will not accept mats that have been damaged or show signs of wear and tear.

Reach out to us at hello@cushmat.com for further instruction on returns, questions, or concerns. Please note that customers will be responsible for handling return costs for shipping.

Can my pets play on Cushmat, too?

Cushmat works great for well-behaved pets that don’t chew, scratch, or dig. With easy-to-clean, durable, and waterproof features, it can take most messes that any pet throws at it.

That being said, Cushmat was not designed to withstand sharp claws or pet teeth, so be cautious if you plan to have your pet on Cushmat and know that every pet and circumstance is different.

How can I clean the Cushmat?
Cushmat is durable, water-proof, and so easy to clean. Simply grab a towel, get it wet, and swipe the dirt and grime away. You’re welcome to use your favorite non-toxic, all-natural, baby-safe cleanser as well, but please do not add harsh chemicals, vinegar, or hold an idle vacuum over the Cushmat. That being said, a quick swipe over from a light weight Roomba! — won’t hurt the Cushmat but avoid heavy upright vacuuming as it might damage the mat. 

Can I set my Cushmat under heavy furniture?
While this is technically possible, we do not recommend setting heavy furniture on top of the Cushmat. Despite Cushmat offering one of the thickest foam on the market at 15mm, it’s possible that over time, heavy furniture on top of Cushmat will lead to permanent indentions in the foam.

If for some reason the Cushmat isn’t right for my family, can I return it?
While we’re positive that there’s a Cushmat out there for every family that’s why we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee rate. If you’re not 100 percent happy with your Cushmat, find it’s not suitable for your lifestyle, or simply don’t enjoy your mat, let us know — we’re happy to provide you with a full refund. Contact our customer service for return details, deadlines, and information.

Will Cushmat develop creases if I fold it up?
The great thing about Cushmat is that it’s so squishable, lightweight, and flexible, it’s not likely to develop creases. That being said, if for some reason you spot an inkling of a crease, flip the Cushmat over to reveal the pattern on the other side and allow your mat to settle. This should take care of any indention that might arise!

We recommend that you unroll your play mat in the opposite direction and let it settle on the floor. The creases will lessen or disappear over time

Do you offer exchanges? Returns?
If your Cushmat isn’t making you 100 percent happy or you’ve simply changed your mind about using the Cushmat, just reach out to us! We can attempt to make a refund of exchange for your Cushmat as long as it applies to these terms:

• Must have original packaging, which includes bonus items, promo material, and anything else included in the package.
• The Cushmat must be returned in original condition without any evidence of use.
• The return must be completed within the first 30 days of the date you originally ordered your Cushmat

If you plan to return or exchange a Cushmat, please reach out to us at hello@cushmat.com so we can help you coordinate a return. Customers will be responsible for the handling of return costs for shipping. 

Applicable admin fee of 5 percent and restocking fee of 15 percent will apply for a return.

We do reserve the right to refuse a return on an exchange should the return date be outside of the above mentioned 30-day period or if you return a damaged or used Cushmat.

What is your processing time + your address and cancellation policy?

We try to process and ship our orders anywhere from 1-5 business days. If the Cushmat has already left our facility, we can’t process a cancellation—however, you can refuse the package once it arrives to your address or contact us for instructions.

If you plan to cancel your order or make an address change, please note that once the Cushmat is out of our factory, we cannot implement an address change. The change of address must be made before we ship the Cushmat.

What should I do if I need to make an address change or correction?

If we receive your order back at our warehouse, we’ll be sure to contact you through your email to find a correct address. If this happens, we’ll likely charge a processing and redelivery fee. If you decide you don’t want us to resend the Cushmat, we’ll happy process a refund for you, take back the Cushmat, and charge a 15 percent restocking fee.

What do I do if my order is wrong or damaged?

Reach out to us at hello@cushmat.com or call 315 905 3515 so we can help correct the issue!