Top Designs for a Baby Foam Mat

Top Designs for a Baby Foam Mat

Playmats should do more than take up space in your home, they should safely and stylishly solve problems. Here are a few playmat designs that will fit your lifestyle and become the new hang out spot for you and your kids. These playmats are not only made for babies or kids, they can be used for exercise, and other everyday activities.


#1 The Palm Grey

The Palm Grey is one of our favorite designs because it can seamlessly fit in with even the most intricately designed interiors. The space grey palms are neutral and work with many different colors, and guess what - there is a surprise design on the other side that is the perfect accent to orange, and yellow tones. Click here to check it out. The mat is 78.74 inches in length and 55.11 inches in width, which makes it an ideal addition to your living room space, nursery room, and even play room.


#2 Jade Grey Star


The Jade Grey is ideal for more simple interiors. It holds the extra bit of personality needed to spruce up your room, and yes you guessed it - this is also a double-sided playmat. The surprise design can be used with almost any color pallet. Can you guess what it is? 


#3 Pink Diamonds


Are you looking to add some pink to your room? This playmat design has your name written all over it. Not only is the pink soft and light, which will match almost any interior - it has a flip side that is bold, and has a beachy vibe to it. Also - did you know our mats double as fitness mats. Pilates anyone?


#4 The Luxe Light


The Luxe Light is mom-approved and kid-approved! It was designed with the whole family in mind. This design has been used as a living room feature, and even as a playmat for a parents room. Join the club, and find out why everyone is raving about this design. And yes, you guessed it. There is a surprise design on the other side.


#5 The Palm Aqua


Get me one of these! This design is a favorite not only among mums, but dads too! The design is perfect if you are looking for a classic beach design that will fit your lifestyle, and not the other way around. This particular design is 10% off for a limited time only - don’t miss out, and get yours today!