We believe that baby play mats should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Our one-of-a-kind, designer-approved play mats are created for both baby and beautifying spaces, providing you with a durable, plush play mat your baby will love that’s stylish and built with comfort in mind (which you’ll love, too).

Our lightweight mats are mindfully crafted with extra-soft, non-toxic foam that is entirely squishable, 100 percent-free from unwanted chemicals, and hypoallergenic.

Play mats should do more than just take up space in your home—they should safely and stylishly solve problems.

That’s where Cushmat comes in.

With our mats, you can count on a safe, soft place for your baby to play (for years to come), a durable place for you to exercise, practice yoga, or play along with your child, and an aesthetic, gorgeous addition to your home décor. 

Your baby deserves a safe, soft mat to roll, tumble, and stumble through life on. Our extra-cushioned, easy-to-clean, and aesthetic mats are guaranteed to fit any home style all while providing your child with a safe space to grow, play, and thrive.

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Safe for Baby & Safe for the Environment

Cushmat is proud to offer you and your family a safe, environmentally-friendly, and completely non-toxic mat that you can confidently bring into your home. With Cushmat, you’ll never have to second-guess what’s in your baby’s play mat.

We craft wholly non-toxic TPU foam mats that are 100 percent free from any of those nasty, scary chemicals that could harm your little one. Our baby play mats have been tested under—and met and exceeded—stringent conditions from the European Toy Safety Standards (EN-71), as well as the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Acts (CPSIA) Safety Standards.


Durable & Easy-to-Clean

Babies truly are the sweetest, little joys, but despite their size, these joys tend to bring about the biggest of messes.

With Cushmat, you don’t have to sweat with spills, drips, or accidents — our hypoallergenic mats are easy-to-clean and entirely durable. Because Cushmat play mats are mindfully crafted with waterproof materials, they’re built to withstand any and all messes your child can throw at it. A few simple wipes with soap and water (or your favorite non-toxic, baby-safe cleaner) and your foam mat will be sparkling in no time — meaning baby can get back to playtime quicker than ever.


An Exceptional Yoga + Exercise Mat For You

Cushmat is more than just a safe space for your baby, it’s an amazing, stylish, and comfortable place for you to exercise. Cushmat, with its broad reach and 15mm thick, non-toxic foam is the perfect mat for your yoga practice. You’re already down there on the ground playing with your little one, why not get a quick sweat session in, too? Better yet, hop back on Cushmat for a total body workout while your little one is napping. Simply wipe up the mat once you’re done and it seamlessly transforms back to your baby’s safe, comfy play mat. Yoga, meditation, and light workouts can provide tons of benefits that can help you feel stronger and healthier. Not only can you strengthen muscles and relax during your workout sessions on your Cushmat, you can also use your time exercising as a healthy way to destress.


Environmentally Conscious & Socially Responsible

Cushmat cares about providing a safe, comfortable place for your baby to grow, play, and learn, but above all, we understand that it’s impossible for us to help keep your child safe and healthy now if we’re not consistently looking toward the future.

That’s why Cushmat believes that whatever we take away from the earth to create these safe, comfy mats for your child (and you!), we are obligated to put back. We proudly partner with environmental organizations like One Tree Planted so that we can ensure that we’re returning something to the earth that rightfully belongs there. For every Cushmat purchased, we vow to plant a tree in its place.

We’re not just here to remedy a solution for safer time spent on the floor, we’re here to provide a brighter and greener today for our future generations.


Beautifully Designed & Modern Style

Cushmat styles are inspired by both you and your little one, meaning you never have to sacrifice style or sensory learning again. That’s why we designed our mats with distinct patterns and styles on each side— that’s, right, we said it, Cushmat offers you reversible designs so you can have the best of both worlds. Never again will you have to choose between sensory learning and style!

We never want to lose the stimulation of colors and vibrant designs for your baby’s foam mat, but we also know that vibrant letters, numbers, and farm animals don’t always scream stylish chic.

Cushmat play mats are carefully and thoughtfully designed for every room in your home. You’ll love the extra pizzazz it gives your décor —so much you might not want to put it away after a workout or a tummy-time session.

With Cushmat, your baby can experience beautiful illustrations and vibrant pictures that help their development, but you can always count on a stylish, reversible side to complement your home when not in use.


Super Soft & Extra Adaptable

From hours-on-end of tummy time to learning to crawl to the very first steps your baby takes, Cushmat is there to be a soft, safe, and dependable friend to the end.

This foam play mat is perfect for babies of every age range — whether they’re running or tumbling —and is certified to protect your baby from bumps, bruises, and accidents. With ultra-soft and extra thick 15mm thick foam cushion, you can always rely on Cushmat for a soft landing — no matter what kind of tumble your toddler takes.